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  • Teen Matters

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    This is a forum based on modern day teens, discussing the problems they face and how they can overcome teen pressures and influence through the help of God in their lives 
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  • About to Crack

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    Join us for friendly chat about parenting, and life in general! Jump into a conversation any time. 
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  • Moms and Stepmoms Debating Everything

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    We are a group of (mostly) moms and stepmoms who love to debate. All are welcome here. 
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  • Teen Parenting

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    This is a group for those who are teen parents, becoming teen parents. A support group to gain knowledge and insight of what to expect and how to overcome the obstacles of young parenting. 
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  • Childfree By Choice

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    A place for those who have made the decision to remain childfree to meet and discuss associated issues without fear of censure or ridicule. 
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  • Mum Life: Magic & Mayhem

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  • Childcare & Beyond

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    This forum is in Read Only status but remains as a good source for teachers, caregiver and parents. 
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  • Camp Kent Memories

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    Camp Kent is a former sleep-away camp located in Kent, CT that closed after the summer of 1982. It was attended primarily by 10-20 year olds from Long Island, many who first came as campers and then as waiters, cits or counselors. 
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  • Our Lips Are Zipped

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  • The Fostering Corner

    Hosted by Cailyn7

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    This is a forum where you can post advice on fostering which may become useful when I eventually foster kids, hopefully after this next few days trial with Lily (6). 
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