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  • About Smoking Cessation Forum

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    This community is open to all who are recovering from nicotine addiction. 
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  • Self Defense

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    Self defense is important to everyone and knowing how to protect yourself, your family, and property is crucial. Situational awareness is critical and guns can be a valuable part of your self defense strategy, especially concealed carry. 
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  • Healthy Living

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    Founded in 1998, we focus on health and wellness, fitness and general well-being. Start an online journal or find a buddy to share your goals, triumphs and tribulations with. Learn how to be completely healthy - mind, body and spirit. There is more to good health than just diet! 
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  • the Lonely One

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    A safe haven site for those that been abused and needs a safe place to vent. 
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  • Staying healthy

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  • Celiac Disease On-Line Support Group

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    Celiac Disease is an auto-immune digestive disorder. People with CD have a intolerance to the proteins in wheat, rye, oats, and barley. If you and/or your family members have CD or DH (dermatitis herpetiformis), please join us! 
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  • Avoiding Corn

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    Mutual support for people who need to avoid corn and corn products because of food allergy or intolerance. 
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  • Diabetes Forum (Types 1 & 2)

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    Medical information, friendship and support for people living with diabetes and their families and friends. 
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  • The Calorie Counter

    Scar (XFatty)
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    Scar (XFatty)

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    This is a place where people can come to learn and share tips and tricks of weight loss, get support and understanding from people who are fighting for their life. 
  • Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

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    This forum started out as a low carb forum. While carb management is still a fundamental part of good nutrition, this forum has evolved to think beyond that one aspect. Come on in to discuss your nutritional and exercising approach for a healthy balanced lifestyle. 
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