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  • Living Cross Currents

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    COPYRIGHT DISCLOSURE The following items relate to copyright infringement and are for your protection as well as our own. Please be sure to adhere to these with respect to copying and pasting information for posts. NEVER post an entire article/story without permission from the owner, and only if you can provide proof of that permission. Please note that "verbal" permission is not valid. INSTEAD…post only the title and a sentence or two to give an idea of what the article/story is... [+]
  • Bible talk

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    Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together. 
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  • Believer, Un-Believer, and Ex-Believers

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    This forum is for debating Non-belief and belief issues. Religious and Free Thinkers are welcome. Topics relating to religion and being without it are open to discussion. All people are welcome, all views are respected, and tolerance is something we try to uphold, even when differing in opinions. We have topics ranging from Politics, Tolerance, Education, Science, Creation vs Evolution, and much more. 
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  • Jesus' Place

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    A community where Christians can come together to fellowship, pray, discuss God's Word, and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Also, read about current events that include World News of interest to Christians much of which relates to Bible Prophecy. Join us to read, participate in discussions or add a new discussion on a topic of interest to you. You are free to make comments, ask questions and even disagree with others agreeably. Open and honest discussions are welcomed. 
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  • He is Risen!

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    We are a non-denominational, full gospel forum for those who hunger for God’s word and are troubled by the dismantling of America. We share sound Biblical doctrine that exalts God. And we are "Catholic friendly". Because prophecy and politics are so intertwined, we discuss politics, (both global and in the USA) from a "conservative" point of view. Leave your prayer request and our prayer warriors will pray with you. 
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  • ~*~The Realm of Be*ing~*~

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    This is an enchanting place where you can Be* Who You Are -- Celebrate every aspect of your Spirit -- and dance together with kindred souls. All Spiritual paths and beliefs are welcome here. It is our belief that you do not have to be religious to be spiritual in nature -- that spirituality comes through connecting your self to the world, mentally, emotionally and physically. It is the essence of simply be*ing. You may find us chatting about subjects ranging from Shamanism to lightworking,... [+]
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  • Observant Judaism HQ

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    Your home for Jewish education and discussion. Judaism is not a religion, it is a covenant. A covenant is a contract, and God brought the full details of this covenant to His chosen Jewish Nation at Sinai, over 3,318 years ago. Observant Judaism HQ is where Jews of every level can learn, teach, and interact in the manner that God expects under the terms of the Jewish contract. Non-Jews are also welcome to join us. We also operate a second forum (Noachide HQ) dedicated to the issues of role of... [+]
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  • The ICC Discussion forum

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    This forum is for the discussion of the beliefs and practises of kip mckean's international churches of christ aka boston movement, discipling movement, Crossroads. 
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  • Christian AAA Bible Study Forum

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    Our Christian Site is open to everyone and all denominations and religions! We have many discussions concerning current issues, biblical understandings, Israel, politics, and many humorous articles. Please submit articles on any subject you wish. Welcome. 
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  • The Spiritual Horizon

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    This forum has been created as a refuge from the world we all must endure, a world that is so materialistic in nature. It is a safe haven where we can get off the treadmill and discuss things that really matter. It has been designed as a place to meet and discuss everything spiritual on the horizon from any religious, non-religious or philosophical perspective. 
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