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  • Nature Talk

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    Like nature? Then post your thoughts and pictures here for all to enjoy. Mother Nature offers all of us magnificent wonders to see. Flora and fauna galore! 
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  • Our Lost Tribe!

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    olt! is a way station and oasis on the ancient road from Bedlam to Bellevue, dedicated to free and open discussion of topics moving heart and spirit. 
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    WELCOME! to I See Dead People! we deal with the energy of the here and now & of the there and then So, if you are looking for a place to discuss the realm of the spirit...need to communicate with someone who has crossed to find out about ghosts & "things that go BUMP in the night" This Must Be the Place! open your mind to the otherworld heighten your vision to see visitors passed who return for a reason discuss here their reason to be. Also come and discuss the... [+]
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  • B36 Era And Cold War Aviation Forum

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    A public forum for B-36 and SAC Cold War veterans. 
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  • Tame the Chaos!

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    "Come in," she said, "I'll give you... shelter from the storm." Are you a weather enthusiast? Do you wish there was someplace you could talk about the weather and other natural force occurances (volcanos, earthquakes etc.) with other like-minded Mother Nature junkies? Whether it's fair weather or foul, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, flood, climate & fire are the bill of fare here. Weather warriors as well as weather wimps welcome. 
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  • Nikola Telsa - Alternative Energy

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  • Schuss' Run

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    Our geologic time on planet earth give us a special considered epithetical worth to understand life by looking back on science and how it creates itself with nature 
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  • ASX private

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    A site to brainstorm new ways to ensure that good Australian research gets funded at home. 
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  • Maps!

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    A forum about maps, people, history & learning. 
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  • Alien and Supernatural Encounters

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    Explaining and unraveling the unexplained, the unsolved mysteries. Observing and sorting out the bizarre worlds just past the limits of knowledge. 
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