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  • The Legacy Racing Forum

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    Horse racing news, horse rescue, animal welfare 
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  • Horse Racing Forum

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    This is a place for friendly and civil discussion of horse racing of all types including handicapping. 
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  • The BattleBotsĀ® Forum

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    Builders and Fans meet to discuss this ultimate competition of extreme robotic sports. 
  • 4GEA (Golf Equipment Aficionados)

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    This is the successor forum to the original Golf Equipment Aficionados forum or 4GEA 
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  • Cub Fans

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  • Robot Fighting League

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    The sport of robotic combat sponsored by the Robot Fighting League ( 
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  • 20/20 Racing Page

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    Dirt Track Late Model racing from the upper Midwest 
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  • League of Our Own

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  • C&D and PC Sports Board Game Replay Site

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    C&D Sports Board Game Replays - AutoRacing, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Hockey, HorseRacing, Soccer, Tennis We encourage legitimate game questions, posting of best practices, non-bias informational video links, and constructive ideas for correcting\clarifying potential\perceived game-play shortcomings. Contained here is nothing but great replays from great replayers for the great cards-and-dice sports board games they love !!! No advertising No vendor sales No game... [+]
  • BallStat Baseball Software

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    Suggestions, improvements and technical support for BallStat/BallScore software 
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